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The MixTapes

No Writtens Allowed pt1..

The first no writtens allowed was created by

Lethal Weaponz. A group that consists of Bee Millz, Panic aka P.kizz@y & Ace Dubz aka Wiccid Lo..

A host of traccs where they spit raps off the dome.

This also included a host of the lethal weaponz family including sensee and much more..

No Written Allowed pt2

The Second MixTape in the series of MixTapes that was created.

This mixtape introduces WiccidWeaponry.

Sort of an extension of Lethal Weaponz. 

At the time Wiccid Weaponry consisted of rap acts such as.. Sexxy Gangsta, Loco aka Raw Flava, Cono and K-Boogie. 

ItZReal joins Wiccid Lo to complete his vision for the "No Written Allowed" Series.. As far as mixtapes go.. This is the start of the No Written Allowed Journey...

As Wiccid Lo & ItZReal grow into their own style... 

And as a serious Duo... They decided to drop "No Written Allowed pt4 Vol.1" 

The Rap/Rock Segment

No Written Allowed pt4 Vol.2

The Hip-hop Segment