Karma Da Rapper

Karma's Bio

Music has always been Karma's passion. Since she was younger she would go around the house singing. Poetry was how she would describe her thoughts and express her feelings. Music has always been a form of poetry to her, music always helped her escape from things, she has always said. Music is the only way to someone soul. If you listen to some of her music you will find that it is very motivational. Her ideal is to inspire people and help them through their struggles. You will find truth in her words and realness and every message she expresses. Karma has said "I do not do this for the fame"  "I do this for all those who feel like they're alone and empty" "for all those who feel like no one understands their pain and struggle". Karma simply just wants to make a difference. She wants to be a positive influence. Her main motto is "believe in yourself even when others are doubting you because even though they doubt, you are on their mind" always be true to who you are

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