Haze, Yung Nati Chyk

Heather, also known by Her Stage Name (Haze, Yung Nati Chyk). When Doing Christian music she goes by the names: H-Child, HALO. Haze was born & part raised in Cincinnati,Ohio and resides in Ky. Haze has always had a love for music. She starting singing at age 5, and she also wrote poetry at age 7. Haze started writing songs at 15,

("I’m 34 & growing everyday"...Haze).

Haze is a 2Temptedent recording artist, she writes her own music and fully produces many of her own songs. Haze was born with a hearing loss, but it never stopped her from chasing her dreams. Haze is a Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock/Rap Artist. She says she's always open to making other genres of music.

("I represent 2Tempted, whom I stay loyal to & grow with them as a family & wherever I may go, they will too".. Haze).

"I’m humble, I’ve tried many styles of hip-hop. My goal is to continue to grow & build a fan base & succeed in music business with my family/team! All love"!

........ Haze, Yung Nati Chyk.